Light in Darkness
18X24 inches (45.7 x 61 cm)
(canvas or paper stock)

A limited edition of 100 Giclée prints will be made on canvas and paper stock.

Each with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity from Raymond Aguilera and the Giclée master printmaker.

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I was most touched by the series of the woman who asked "What God?"  On canvas. You embedded within her face, the journey of her soul's search for Yahweh. These paintings are the ONE I found my own soul expressed through her.  The first painting says that her life has been hard... She has suffered much at the hands of others and her own mistakes.

She begins to hope ...becoming vulnerable to the elements that she had hardened herself to for so long...The hope and joy and promise and fulfillment in Him, The third one, to me, is like the Shullamite maiden searching for her Beloved.

(I might be in the minority...but I doubt it.)  

Men will  love her beauty, women would understand her heart's emptiness to happiness....Her eyes searching round about her...looking for him that she has been told loves her and has died for her, forgiving the world for its sins if she will only believe and look for him... She did not even know He was there, loving her from afar, yet near....

She is looking around her... trying to find him in others...  She still cannot find Him, but she knows now that He is there...The joy and peace and tenderness, on her face....says...He has let Himself be found ... of her... Jesus lover of her soul..

It says many things. Go and tell of Him that loves the unloved... It can tell one of the Love of Jesus and Patience and longsuffering till we finally have come to the place in our lives where we open unto Him.. Even to go SEARCHING for Him... Oh so many truths here!.. It would take all of us to contribute as to how these particular paintings open our spiritual eyes to see others as well as insight to our own spiritual evolvement, in time.

The Light In The Darkness painting...Reminded me of Enoch's wife....When reading a transcribed book on Enoch.. I noticed that after he came back from being gone so long with God learning of the Universe and all the things that God wanted to show him... His wife was never mentioned.  Only his sons are mentioned.  If she died before his return... She may still be looking for him in the spirit ... Perhaps she was an unbeliever...and cannot accept that he really went with God... that he abandoned her ...I am sure there are those that would say this concept unscriptural...that the dead know nothing... but things were different back then.. and Father certainly used this for His Purpose in MY life.

The book stated that Enoch taught his sons what he had learned when he was in the heavenlies and commanded them to pass all that he taught his sons on to the people... then he left again never to return... He walked on with God ... This woman made me think of her...The painting made me think of the woman in my vision that I saw and felt  was still searching for him... Enoch.

Now.. I know most of you will think ...This sister is a little (?) weird...

However, I am basing that on an open vision I had four years ago...of a woman that resembles the woman in this painting.  In this vision ....she was in this type of garb, in the darkness, calling out loudly, "Enoch!"  "Enoch!"...searching for him in a wintry, below zero, cold dark night..., her form made visible to me only by the light of the moon and a far street lamp... In this brief vision, she disappeared into the darkness of the night calling his name out.  This began my first search into Enoch as to who he was and why he was important for me to know ... He is called "The Father of Writing"...which is something the Lord has... what I have come to understand over time.. called me to do in HIS bidding.  I can only hope that perhaps I will be ONE of them that will walk on INTO Him one day. Thus the (# four picture of the series)

Now, this painting will not bring these same thoughts to another ... This is/was my own personal experience in the spirit .. and this painting brought that experience back, vividly, to me... Who knows how it will touch others in their OWN experience.

People.. I never intend to go on like I do when I start out ....I thank God that I am among brothers and sisters that love and pray for each other.  It was the best way I could share what pictures I experienced ...There is more.. but this should suffice.



Greetings Ray,
I think the following paintings take the cake: 1st Spiritual blindness;
2nd the hobo (homeless man) 3rd the woman carrying candlelight, 4th the
angry tongue, 5th Spiritual warfare and 6th Sylvia. And these will be
more exquisite on a 45 x 60cm portrait painting. (I am afraid but I am
not conversant with the American metric system, things like yard, inches
Ray, the relax, the Lord is on your side every step of the way. Don't
feel small when challenges come, it is for your preparation and
spiritual growth. Rather rejoice when challenges come flooding in, and
know fully well that your exaltation and glory is right at your
doorstep. Yes, you cannot stop the enemy from fighting, BUT you CAN STOP
him from winning, for you have TWO GIANTS within you; in fact all true
worshippers and believers do. And these are Jesus Christ of Nazareth and
the Holy Spirit. Therefore, who do we fear, huh? No one and absolutely
nothing, BUT GOD ONLY, since the Word states expressly that, "The fear
of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and they who live by it grow in
understanding" (Psalm 111:10 NEB). So when God entrusts you with
something, be it a gift; or anything, or even burdening you with a
mammoth task to carry out, DO IT with zeal and joy, for He will NEVER
put you through something He knows that you would not be able to handle.
For He knows of our weaknesses and infirmities.
Let us know when the paintings have been reproduced and tell us the
price. I believe I will be the first one in the Eastern Cape, South
Africa to have one or two of your good artworks. For I do not know of
anyone in this part of the country who subscribes to the e-mail list.
Keep up the good work, and please the Lord even more.
Stay blessed,
Bongani Pityi
Bisho, Eastern Cape
South Africa


Hi Ray,
my vote goes for Deceiver and Light in Darkness.
God bless, james.


Dear Ray

Your paintings are really good, I enjoy painting myself and it's difficult trying to sell them, however I am sure that God will guide you in which ones will help with the finances. The Light in Darkness picture is beautiful, and on a Christmas Card it would look really great. I like the homeless picture too, it's very powerful. Your pictures would also make great illustrations for Christian magazines, as well as paintings in there own right. God will guide you Ray. I will pray for a breakthrough concerning this.





Hello Ray,

Thank you very much for my painting Light in Darkness, I just received it yesterday.
It is beautiful!!! I am so happy to have it...
Thank you so much!!!



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